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29th edition of European Heritage Days - Heritage Flavours

The 29th edition of the European Heritage Days, traditionally coordinated by the National Heritage Institute, will be held on the second and third weekend of September. "Heritage Flavours" is this year's motto under which hundreds of events will be held throughout Poland.

Culinary traditions, recipes passed down from generation to generation, local customs, objects related to cultural tourism, historical food processing industry sites - this heritage is particularly important for the identity of a nation that for years was in the hands of the partitioners, and yet never forgot its roots. This year's edition of European Heritage Days focuses not only on the material manifestations of traditional crafts (e.g., such as dairies, bakeries, candy factories), but also on the intangible cultural heritage - customs, recipes, rituals.
Influenced by other cultures and religions, Polish cuisine smells and tastes different to each of us - memories, dishes prepared by our grandmothers, regional products, childhood flavours. This year's European Heritage Days will take us on a sentimental journey full of events sharing knowledge about our culinary heritage which, although so different from region to region, always brings us together at the table and constitutes an inseparable and extremely important element of our history and culture.

The list of events is regularly updated on https://www.facebook.com/europejskie.dni.dziedzi-ctwa/


European Heritage Days is a European cultural, social and educational project. Every year in September, the inhabitants of the Old Continent can visit the most interesting monuments in their neighbourhood, including those not accessible on a daily basis, and take part in many cultural and educational events.
The organizers ensure free access to the monuments and other cultural sites and propose many other attractions, such as concerts, exhibitions, historical festivals, presentations of dying professions, lectures, arts and crafts fairs.

European Heritage Days is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union. It was established in 1991, however the idea goes back to 1985, when during the Second Conference of the Council of Europe in Granada the French Minister of Culture proposed an extension of the Open Monuments Days, initiated in France a year earlier, to the entire continent. Currently, all member states of the Council of Europe participate in the European Heritage Days, and Poland joined the campaign in 1993.

The national coordinator of the European Heritage Days is the National Heritage Institute, which - thanks to the support of hundreds of organisers of individual events, local authorities and media - has developed a unique formula of this event. In Poland it is, above all, an educational programme of exhibitions, tours, lectures, games and competitions, bringing local communities closer to the history of their regions. Each edition has a motto, which gives a common theme to events organized in all corners of the country.