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Kraków among the world's greenest cities

Our city was ranked fifth in the world and third in Europe in the rating created by Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI). The list was created based on satellite images and the proportion of green space in urban areas. 

The top ten greenest cities included: Charlotte (US), Durban (South Africa), Vilnius (Lithuania), Dortmund (Germany), Kraków, Stuttgart (germany), Austin (US), Wurzburg (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) and Heidelberg (Germany). Apart from Kraków, the rating also includes other large Polish cities: Wrocław (in sixteenth place), followed by Warsaw (in seventeenth place).

The  study applied computer vision on satellite images to assess the cites' green areas. According to estimates, approximately 36% of Kraków's area is covered by trees and 20% by grass.

The study showed that Kraków has more than 207 m² of green space per capita. This compares to approximately 180 m² in Prague.

Kraków pursues a policy of sustainable development by taking measures to ensure better living comfort for its residents. Since 2015 alone, the city has acquired 105 hectares of land for green space at the cost of over PLN 135 million. Kraków's objective for the coming years is to acquire land for green space where it is scarce. The idea is that every Kraków resident should be able to reach a park, a square or a meadow within a short time from leaving their home or flat.