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Meeting Planner skills in the world of COVID-19

BizBash Media collected information from meeting planners about the most important competences and features they should have today. From technical knowledge to crisis communication plans to a healthy dose of empathy, they are just some of the skills they have listed. There are eight of them presented below.

1. Current knowledge of the latest security restrictions

Knowledge of current regulations, available protocols and safety guides.

2. Basic knowledge of new technologies and platforms - as well as troubleshooting procedures.

Event specialists should have a working knowledge of what is possible today and be familiar with the largest virtual platforms available. They should also be familiar with basic methods of solving inevitable technical problems.

3. Knowledge on the use of analytics for virtual events

Video metadata provides insight into audience measurements that can improve marketing strategies and increase sales. Analyzing everything from registration, through interactions, to viewer behavior allows you to obtain valuable information thanks to which you can improve your events and maximize participant satisfaction.

4. Increased social media marketing skills

Continuous development, mastery and know-how in creating digital content, especially for marketing purposes, is a skill set that will be beneficial for a long time.

5. Knowledge of the best practices in the area of crisis communication.

The issues that every event planner should explore now include crisis communication, crisis preparedness, contract negotiations, event design, integration strategies, and virtual meeting and event management.

6. Ideas for making better use of your current skills.

The best professionals always have a contingency plan - a way to keep your business afloat in times of crisis. It's time to take a look at what we already know and see how it can be used to generate new income. In some cases, it means looking at things that we wouldn't normally consider.

7. Flexibility and creativity

The ability to plan - and adapt the plans - is more important than ever. It's time to try new things. Let us not be afraid to share our less thoughtful and crazy ideas.

8. Patience and empathy

When communicating with customers, vendors or visitors, let us never forget that the current climate affects everyone differently. Remember that this is an industry built on relationships. Taking the time to discuss issues and listen to them will help us build stronger relationships with customers in the long run.

Above all, let's be patient. "On a larger scale, no one knows what is going on, how long it will take, or what it means for their business," says Kate Strayer, event producer and brand marketing specialist at Entire Productions in San Francisco. Strayer adds: “With patience comes empathy, and with it comes a more desirable business partner. Nobody wants to feel that they are in a hurry to make a decision (even if we want to rush them to make a decision). Let us just try to be a little gentle each day. "