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European Family Network Municipalities

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European Large Families Confederation
Balmes, 92, 3r 2a
08008 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 933511000

website: www.elfac.org/the-network/


European Family Network Municipalities It’s a new initiative to promote local policies in favour of the wellbeing of families. Mission of the Network is to provide support, tools and resources to European municipalities to develop and improve a family friendly culture through a common process of planning and self-evaluation. The objective of the Network is to define a common standard of quality family-friendly policies in Europe in order to establish a mid-term European certification.

Krakow joined the programme on 19th November 2019 during the First European Convention of Family-Friendly Municipalities organized at the headquarters of the Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Committee of Regions (CoR) of the European Union in Brussels.

Krakow together with other partners will take part in preparing and implementing
a certification for of quality family-friendly policies in Europe based on following  criteria: the inclusion of family oriented associations in the decision making process on a local level, the scope of accessible services for families, the existence of specially developed structures aiming at supporting families, implementation of plans and strategies prioritizing family and youth policy, information campaign including the needs of the families, housing policy, creating the family friendly environment and the existing offer of projects and events for families.

Membership fee:

There is no membership fee required

Cooperation Coordinator:

Pełnomocnik Prezydenta Miasta Krakowa ds. Rodziny (Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Krakow for Family)