górne tło

Underground Rynek

GREAT OPENING - 24th september, 8 pm



‘The Underground Market Square’ – a great spectacle of sensations...

Krakow is so old that no one can fully grasp its immense history. The Krakus Mound even remembers the times of the Celts and the legendary Avars. Krakow was also home to the Slavic dukes and kings who decided on the shape of the city that was to become the capital of one of the most powerful states in medieval Europe.

The underground museum opening to visitors at the beginning of this September will be the first of its kind in Poland, and unique on a global scale too. The ‘In the Footsteps of Krakow’s European Identity’  exhibition will be a multimedia show as well as a journey through time – allowing visitors to not only see the history of the origins of the legendary city, but also to touch them!

In the archaeological park located 4 metres below the surface of Krakow’s Market Square, we will see a section of medieval Krakow come alive, something as yet unprecedented in Europe. The historic monuments that were found there are evidence of the continuity of trade, pursued here uninterruptedly for over 800 years.

Underground museum:


25 plasma screens

13 LCD screens

104 players

160 signal converters

27 multimedia projectors

37 touch screens

190 degree projection screen

1 fogscreen

98 speakers

28,000 m - total length of cables

5 holograms


150 audiobooks

700 archaeological monuments

500 models of the historic monuments

8 animated movies

5 documentary films

7 mannequins and  scale models

5 time capsules

600 3D digital reconstructions

30 multimedia posts

25 display cases

64 digital cameras