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Discussing the EMF Pollution

On Monday, 24th September, in the Wyspianski Session Chamber of the Krakow City Council, Jacek Majchrowski, the City Mayor, opened the 3rd International Forum on Environment Protection from EMF Pollution. Safe Limits.

We all profit from the possibilities offered by mobile devices and not always realize that their extensive use at home, at work or in public transport increases EMF levels in our natural environment. The Krakow authorities have long been engaged in actions aimed at sustainable growth of digitalization and have repeatedly appealed to the  government in this matter. Recently, the Krakow Council caused development of base stations map and purchase of EMF spectrum analyzer allowing to identify level, source and type of EFM pollution. The City Council also offers free rental of personal exposimeters available to residents who can take their own 24 hour measurements. The Krakow residents are now being consulted on the “EMF protection and safety program for the City of Krakow for the years 2018-2022”. Moreover, “Reducing of EMF emission” will be included in the City Development Strategies 2030 in the “Quality of Life” section" - said Mayor Majchrowski.

Digital revolution is on the eve of implementation of next generation 5g technology. In order to accelerate the transmission it has been proposed to use frequencies never before tested in customer devices and having unverified effects. This will inevitably lead to further development of infrastructure, with new base stations being installed, and result in increased microwave radiation – in electromagnetic radiation spectrum – that has not been previously observed in nature. On the other hand, scientific evidence of negative influence of EMFs is growing.

Ready to face the new challenges, the City of Krakow has invited guests from abroad and from Poland, to take part in the 3rd Forum.  Among foreign speakers, Italy will be represented by Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, Head of Research at the Ramazzini Institute, who presented a lecture on “Carcinogenic effect of base station environmental emission - the latest results of in vivo studies”.

EMF Forum in Krakow

French measurements taken to protect cell phone users were described by Dr. Marc Arazi, a physician, who discussed the behind the scenes actions and global effects of the “PhoneGate” affair.

From the Polish side, Przemysław Kitowski M.Sc.Eng., a doctoral student of Faculty of Management and Economy, Gdańsk University of Technology and Head of R&D at Mudita, talked about the global scale innovative solutions in minimizing electromagnetic radiation and protection of mobile devices users  from EMF associated risk.

The paper on “Role of state authorities in preventive and protective actions aimed at protecting people from excessive exposure to EFMs” was presented by, Edward Lis Director of of the Supreme Chamber of Control (NIK) Office in Lublin

Jacek Stępień D.Sc.Eng. from University of Science and Technology discussed the beginnings of  EMF monitoring in Krakow.

Professor Olle Johansson from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm outlined his recent research results.

Finally the results of EMF measurements obtained from personal exposimeters were analyzed by Dr. Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik from the Environment Department, Municipality of Krakow, responsible for the activities in this field.

The organizers are certain that the Forum was an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions and experience and an inspiration for innovative actions facilitating communication in the 21st century but, at the same time, improving the condition of the environment in which we live.

Photos from the event