ul. Grodzka, Kraków

Grodzka is the only street to introduce irregularity to the regular grid of the medieval urban layout, as it does not leave the Main Market Square at a right angle.

It’s cobbled path starts by the diminutive St Adalbert’s Church, and leads straight up Wawel Hill: this is the final section of the Royal Route. The most imposing section of the street stretches from the Main Market Square to pl. Wszystkich Świętych (literally “All Saints’ Square”, with the Wielopolski Mansion being the seat of the Mayor and the Municipal Office of Kraków) is the most impressive part of the street, loaded with exclusive shops and restaurants.

Further down, towards Wawel, the commercial character is lost to tourist attractions: you pass by św. Marii Magdaleny Square with the adjacent churches of St Peter and St Paul, and of St Andrew. Worth attention is also the Collegium Iuridicum, one of the oldest buildings of the Jagiellonian University. At the far end of the street, standing in the shadow of Wawel are the former Palace of Primate, Bishop (No. 65), the Arsenal of King Ladislaus IV, and the little St Giles’ Church.

Grodzka was the last section of the Royal Route to undergo a thorough renovation, completed in 2008.

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