Krakow-Nowa Huta Culture Centre

Aleja Jana Pawła Ii 232, 31-913 Kraków

 The Krakow-Nowa Huta Culture Centre and its clubs address their offer to the local civic communities on the outskirts of the district of Nowa Huta, taking into consideration the needs and the interests of the individual social and age groups.

The courses of painting and drawing attract the largest numbers of children and youth. The most interesting works are presented in Galerie Prac Dziecięcych (Galleries of Children's Works) managed by the clubs.

The Centre specialises in a variety of pageants and open-air events addressed to the local residents of various ages. The personnel of the Centre and clubs is also keen on providing attractions for children who stay in the city during the summer and winter holidays.

Every Christmas time, the Centre organises a Review of Carols and Carolling Groups accompanied by a competition for the most beautiful nativity scene

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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