The Andrzej Bursa Youth Cultural Centre

Osiedle Tysiąclecia 15, 31-606 Kraków


Actor's Studio: team workshops preparing teenagers and children for acting in regular groups; regular teenager ensembles: The WARSZTAT "X" ensemble (pantomime), The CZEKAJĄC ensemble (motion theatre), the OSMOZA ensemble (drama theatre), the WARSZTATY TEATRALNE (drama theatre), The 'Na Niby' Children's Theatre Company (dancing, singing, elements of pantomime). A consultation point providing advise on staging, stage decoration, directing and repertoire issues.

Dance studio: team workshops for teenagers and children - acrobatic dance, modern dance, performance dance and flamenco - age 18 plus. The 'Calineczka' performance dance group - kids between 4 and 9 years of age; The Movement and Music Group for kids aged 4-9;
The M-7 Performance Dance Group for teenagers 10-15 years old; The TRAPEZ - acrobatic dance, age 7 to 12;
The MIX 21Contemporary Dance Group, teenagers 15-18 years old.
Music studio: the acoustic guitar club, age 10 to 19;
The Poetry Singers' Club, age 15 - 19; keyboard classes, age 10-19; teenage vocal groups: The Pasaż and The My Project studio: promotions, exhibitions, organisation of events

Visual arts studio: painting - oil, tempera, painting on glass; graphic arts - linocut, monotype; drawing, sculpture, ceramics, mixed techniques, batik. Programmes for children and teenagers, 5 to 19 years of age.
Decorative fabrics studio: gobelins, tapestries, three-dimensional fabrics, macramé work, mixed techniques. Programmes for children and teenagers, 5 to 19 years of age.
Film clubs: the video technique, classes for youth interested in making films that go beyond simple visual recording.
English courses: various age groups; students between 8 and 19; courses at the elementary level and three intermediate to advanced levels; conversation classes.
Klub Pieszej Włóczęgi (The Ramblers' Club): Saturday and Sunday trips Discovering The Secrets And Hideaways Of Krakow And Its Neighbourhood. Proposed for all tramps aged 12 plus.
Pre-schooler's Club: activities for children aged 4 to 6, catering for a variety of interests, particularly artistic. Additional activities for 6-year-olds inspired by school syllabi for the '0' form.

The Andrzej Bursa Youth Cultural Centre was founded in 1971. Its wide-ranging programme is intended to foster the development of children's and teenagers' artistic talents, particularly theatre education. The Centre got its name in 1981, in memoriam of ANDRZEJ BURSA, a Krakow poet, writer, and playwright, who died in 1957 at the age of 25. The first significant theatre successes on the national scale came with the play Learning To Walk (Nauka chodzenia) based on Andrzej Bursa's works, produced by the PULS ensemble.

In order to make the theatre education programme more comprehensive, a permanent young actors' group called the SCENA "i" was founded. The Scena "i" promotes the theatre movement, as well as provides specialist consultation for students and teachers that work on theatre productions in their schools. The letter 'i' in the group's name stands for its chief tenets: inspiration, interpretation, innovation, initiation, impertinence and other ideas. Young audiences and artists are welcome to the group's meetings every Monday during the school year at 6 p.m. The theatre has hosted performances by groups from France, Germany, England, and Ukraine. Since 1995, The Scena "i" has been involved in a project entitled MŁODY TEATR BEZ GRANIC (Young Theatre Without Frontiers), as part of which international meetings (workshops or joint theatre projects) are held.

Besides, the ensembles have participated in major national theatre events such as: The Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne, The Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne, The Thorton Wilder Drama Festival in Poznań, The Prezentacje Teatralne MESSIS in the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Częstochowa, The SACRUM w Literaturze in Częstochowa, The Horynieckie Reminiscencje in Przemyśl, The Spotkania in Warsaw's OCHOTA Theatre, The Prezentacje Teatralne in Katowice.

The Centre has been particularly successful in the area of visual arts: works of young artists from its arts studios are on show in the Children's Art Gallery on Oslo and the World Museum of Children's Art in Tokyo.

The Andrzej Bursa Youth Cultural Centre stages three local events.

The oldest, dating back to 1979, is FESTIWAL ARTYSTYCZNY MŁODZIEŻY (the Youth Art Festival). Every April over 1500 young artists from the entire region present their productions in the area of theatre, ballet, music, visual arts, photography, literature and journalism. The artistic patron of the Festival is the Ludowy Theatre. Applications should be submitted by March 20th every year.

TURNIEJ RECYTATORSKI im. ANDRZEJA BURSY (The Andrzej Bursa Reciting Contest). This competition is organised as a tribute to Andrzej Bursa, the centre's patron and an eminent Krakow figure. The aim of the tournament is to promote creative quests for interpretation of modern poetry by young people aged 14 plus. Applications should be submitted by November 10th.

As part of the Children's day celebrations, the centre houses WOJEWÓDZKIE SPOTKANIA TEATRÓW DZIECIĘCYCH (The Regional Children's Theatre Festival). Theatricals are evaluated and prizes are awarded by a children's jury. Each competing group receives the ARLEKIN AWARD for participation. The role of the instructors from the Centre's theatre studio is limited to observation, as well as interviews and workshops for teachers coaching theatre groups. Applications should be submitted by May 20th each year.

In 1999, Małopolskie Spotkania Teatrów Gimnazjalnych (the Małopolska Festival of Pre-Secondary Schools Theatre Groups), once a section of the Wojewódzkie Spotkania Teatrów Dziecięcych became a separate stand-alone organisation.

The Centre's children and teenagers have won first prizes in, for example, Festiwal Kultury Młodzieży Szkolnej (The School Youth Culture Festival) in Kielce, Forum Teatrów Dzieci i Młodzieży (the Young Theatre Forum) in Poznań, the Biesiada Teatralna in Horyniec, the 'ODEON' Theatre Festival in Andrychów, the 'DZIATWA' festival in Łódź, the SŁODKOBŁĘKITY in Zgierz, the MOST in Malbork.

Two of the theatre instructors have been awarded the title of the Best Instructor, granted yearly by the Minister of Culture.

In 1991 the Centre initiated close cooperation with the Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz - Witkacy Secondary School No. 21, a humanities magnet high school with internally designed Ministry of Education-approved curriculum.

The Centre is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.. A majority of activities are held in the afternoon, i.e. after 2 p.m.

Activities of the theatre, dancing and music studios are free of charge.

The tuition for other activities is PLN 5 to 20 per month. Partial or full discount are given for semester tuition paid in full up front or in the case of difficult family situation.

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