The Catholic Cultural Centre

ul. Wiślna 12, 30-523 Kraków

The Catholic Cultural Centre with its principal seat in the parish of St Jadwiga is a legal entity, in terms of both civil and ecclesiastical law. Launched in April 1996, the Centre is an association founded to promote Christian culture among children, youth and adults. To this end, it stages concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions of painting, engraving, sculpture and drawing works, photography exhibition, meetings, training programmes, lectures, pilgrimages, Lent/Advent meetings and summer camps. These programmes are run in cooperation with eminent artists, as well as with numerous cultural institutions and parishes of the Krakow Archdiocese. Its rich resources include space and technical facilities: it has a professionally equipped concert room at St. Jadwiga Church, a gallery in the centre of Krakow, conference and presentation rooms, as well as highly qualified project teams. Later, with young people and children in mind a new section was set up within the Catholic Cultural Centre, called the St. Jadwiga Youth Cultural Centre. In 1999 it was entered to a register of non-public institutions maintained by the regional public education authorities. The Youth Cultural Centre offers individual and group workshops as well as concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, competitions, art festivals for children and young people, as well as youth and children's summer camps. Also, it organises activities for ca. 600 kids in 6 parishes in Krakow and Wieliczka. Through a variety of art projects and special occasion church services, a team of 30 teachers strive to show youngsters how rich spiritual values, the Church's liturgy, and the Christian culture can be. One of the principal objectives of the Catholic Cultural Centre is to collect and disseminate information on the religious and cultural events in the Krakow archdiocese, which it does in liaison with the Diocesan Information Centre. The DIC was opened in 1999 in the Metropolitan Curia building in Krakow to provide services to parishes, associations, communities, catholic organisations, ministry centres, catechists, and the entire diocese congregation. Additionally, the DIC runs an information office at 12a Wiślna Street in Krakow, publishes newsletters and brochures, and collects and updates an info web site focusing on significant cultural and religious events. Also, the Catholic Cultural Centre has a gallery Krypta U Pijarów, located in the basements of the Piarist Church. The Gallery's mission is to present those of the most eminent personages and the most significant developments in contemporary art which in their artistic practice and experience bring up the ideas and questions that pervade the Christian spirituality. Beside monographic shows of Polish or foreign artists, the Gallery is available for housing or co-organising national or international exhibitions focusing on specific problems, which might be held in the showrooms of Krakow or Poland, as well as abroad. The Catholic Cultural Centre is an administrator of six professionally prepared photography exhibitions of works by renown Krakow artists: Stanisław Markowski, Jerzy Szot and Janusz Skórski.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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