Glass and Ceramics Centre at 3 Lipowa Street

ul. Lipowa 3, 30-702 Kraków


The Glass and Ceramics Centre – the only Kraków educational and cultural outpost that deals with glass and ceramics – was opened in June 2014.

The gallery belongs to the Ceramics and Building Materials Institute and it is located in a post-industrial part of Kraków, Zabłocie, at 3 Lipowa Street, opposite to Schindler's Factory and MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Glass and Ceramics Centre includes:
- Lipowa 3 Gallery, which organises periodical exhibitions of Polish contemporary artists, and offers handicraft and original glassware and ceramic articles (plates, bowls, glasses, figurines, caskets, jewellery) hand-made by Polish artists.

- Live demonstrations of glassware production, which allows visitors to learn about the fascinating process of glass formation and try their hand at the profession of a glassworker.

- Glass in Kraków. Industry and art 1931-1998 – a permanent exposition concerning the history and technology of glass-making, which includes a collection of original tools used for the manufacturing of glass and a collection of antique glassware from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as a collection of contemporary coloured glassware produced at 3 Lipowa Street between 1969 and 1998.

- A training centre for students from such institutions as the University of Science and Technology (general area of study: Ceramics; specialisation: Conservation and Revitalisation Materials) and the Academy of Fine Arts (the Faculties of Sculpture and Conservation and Restoration of Art Works), including regular and lab-based classes on the production of glass, ceramics and building materials.

- Short series production centre: Roman cement-based building materials, such as: plasters, mortars and dyes as well as artistic glass, ceramic tiles, stove and glazed roof tiles and mortars for filling joints in brick walls and the repair of sandstone products, employed in the renovation of historic architecture.


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