Nautilus Gallery

ul. Świętego Jana 12, 31-018 Kraków


The antiquarian salon called NAUTILUS was established in 1993 in a 16th-century mercantile town house at 8 Św. Tomasza Street.

From the very beginning, we have specialised in painting and graphic art. Our activity takes many different forms within the scope of trade and promotion. The gallery is the founder of Stowarzyszenie Antykwariuszy Polskich society and a member of Confederation Internationale Des Negociants En Oeuvres D'Art (C.I.N.O.A).

In the years 1994-95 NAUTILUS and Rara Avis antiquary organised one of the first auctions in Poland devoted solely to prints and cartography.

In 1997, the galery teamed up with Dr. Józef Grabski, Galeria Hetmańska and Antykwariat AB and established an auction house called Sztuka, all the time maintaining the full autonomy of a company.

Currently, the auctions are the essential element of the company's operation. They are organised regularly, twice a year. The catalogue includes paintings from the 20th and 21st centuries, prints from the 16th through 21st century, drawings and posters.

Since 2000, NAUTILUS organises displays of works of Polish artists. All exhibitions are accompanied by comprehensive illustrated catalogues.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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