Krypta u Pijarów Gallery

ul. Pijarska 2, 31-015 Kraków


The concept of the gallery is to present outstanding artists and significant phenomena of the contemporary art, which raise thoughts and questions that are present in the Christian spiritual realm.

"A unique gallery," says Wojciech Skrodzki: "Krypta u Pijarów is by all means unique – from the mere space, through its artistic programme to the very way it operates.

“Everyone who knows Kraków at least a little will remember this beautiful, late-Baroque façade of Piarists' Church that terminates Św. Jana Street from on side of the wall. The characteristic elements of the façade are: a double stairway leading to a portal and a small shrine as it were in the middle, topped with a bust of Szymon Konarski.

“Behind the beautiful bars and a massive door, there are stairs leading down to Krypta. It is not an ordinary crypt, mind you, but a whole lower church, extended by a row of chapels linked together on the right.

“The interior of the lower church is awe-inspiring – it is almost entirely filled with a monumental elliptical double stairway leading God knows where. The main element that stands out is their railing, beautifully carved in stone. The walls of the lower church are adorned with discreet arcaded arches, which both enrich and inhibit the exhibition. In its entirety, the interior is excellent for a gallery, also thanks to its location in the centre of Kraków.”

Translation: Summa Linguae

Date: 2013-07-15 Show ticket
News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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