Iwona Kargol-Debicka Art Gallery - 2 Swiaty

ul. Brzozowa 14, 31-050 Kraków


The 2 Worlds Gallery is located in Krakow's old Jewish district of Kazimierz, known to everyone as a magical place that buzzes with life, where the past and present blend into one.

Today, visitors can feel a new quality of life sweeping through the district, fostered by the city's artistic community, the district's local inhabitants, its pub goers as well as the large number of tourists who come here. 2 Worlds exists in a world everyone wants to be a part of.

The gallery initiated its exhibition activity on the 17th January 2004 with a collective exhibition that attempted to explore and highlight the interrelationships between reality and the dimensions of space and time.

The essential goal of the gallery is to seek and combine, which it attempts to achieve through exhibitions of modern art featuring various forms of artistic expression: experimental and more or less traditional. In order to reach the widest group of people possible, the gallery exhibits a wide variety of artistic media: paintings, graphics, drawings, sculpture and household art.

The 2 Worlds Gallery entered into co-operation with Hotel Amadeus, launching the Art Salon, whose initial exhibition in October 2004 featured the work of Anna and Andrzej Raczkowski, entitled "One Moment Enclosed within a Frame".

The gallery presents works of the following artists:
Stanisław Batruch, Marita Benke-Gajda, Janina Berdak, Stefan Berdak, Bernard Braun, Stanisław Czajkowski, Rafał Cywiński, Wiesław Domański, Andrzej Folfas, Leszek Harasimowicz, Dagmara Kwiatek, Maria Leśniak, Joanna Łapuszek, Artur Nacht-Samborski, Krystyna Nowakowska, Wiesław Obrzydowski, Michał Swałtek, Adam Wątor, Barbara Woźniak.


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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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