Podgórze Market Square

Rynek Podgórski, Kraków

The present market square was laid out at the foot of Lasoty Hill as a central square of Podgórze. The choice of the place was not coincidental, as it was an intersection of important mediaeval routes, leading to Wieliczka (salt route), Kraków (through the Vistula in the area of today's Staromostowa Street) and towards Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.

In order to create an optical illusion of a vaster area, the market square was given the shape of a trapezoid, narrowing towards the church.

The oldest part of the Podgórze Market Square is a compacted frontage of houses on its north-western verge. The classicist building of an old inn called Pod Czarnym Orłem ("under black eagle) (no. 13) is particularly worthy of our attention, with its so-called Polish-style monitor roof and an image of an eagle in a triangular tympanum.

In mid-19th century, when the town's economy improved, a new seat of the town hall was raised in the form of a vast historicist edifice with a richly decorated façade and a stately assembly hall (no. 1).


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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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