Accessibility of Kraków

The City is located at the crossing of important transportation routes, close to the Silesian agglomeration and the southern border of Poland.

Accessibility of Kraków

The A4 motorway ensures fast and convenient connection with Silesia and Germany, and eventually with Lvov, Ukraine.

The Kraków’s openness to the world is also reinforced by the modern and constantly expanded John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice, second largest airport in the country. It provides direct domestic and international connections to many cities in Europe and other continents, e.g. New York, Chicago and Tel Aviv.

The broad network of railway connections enables fast and comfortable travels by train: you can reach Warsaw in 2.5 hours and Gdańsk in 6 hours. In a couple of hours you can travel to Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Berlin and Budapest.

The successively modernised network of coach connections ensures good transportation within the region to Polish cities and towns, as well as largest cities outside of the country.

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Regionalny Dworzec Autobusowy w Krakowie (Regional Bus Station in Kraków

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