Money can harm a child

Many children are treated as a source of income. Want to help them? Help them not to beg, because what you give is not what they receive. Want to do more? Help one of the NGO's listed on our website.

Money can harm a child

THE INFORMATION BANK OF THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS IN KRAKOW it is a presentation of the Krakow's organisations carrying out the activities in many important areas for societal life, e.g.: welfare services, handicapped provisions, health, and physical culture. It is organised in such a way that makes it possible to easily find an organisation responsible for a particular matter, and to contact it, as well as to introduce the information on your own activity.

In order to find the organisations providing help for children, enter the password: dzieci in the search engine at the bottom of the page.

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News author: MARCIN FABER
News Publisher: Redakcja MPI
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