ANTYCOVID EXPO - necessity is the mother of invention

Applications and bracelets for home quarantine, handles for contactless door opening, solar disinfectants - they are just a few of the many products proving that the technology of the future will help us survive the crisis.

ANTYCOVID EXPO - necessity is the mother of invention
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The pandemic has certainly awakened the creativity of entrepreneurs. Polish companies spread their wings and surprise with innovative solutions that can be tested at EXPO Krakow on October 14-15, 2020 during the ANTYCOVID EXPO - Fair of Solutions Increasing Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety held in Poland for the first time.

Innovation during the pandemic

The ANTYCOVID EXPO event has been organized for companies responding to the challenges of the pandemic. Products and solutions offered by Polish entrepreneurs and scientists will be presented. And there are plenty of them on the market.  Lots of things have been said recently, among others, about the invention of a student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at AGH. By implementing his product, he decided to solve the problem of excessive use of disposable gloves or plastic bags in public places. With interest, we followed information about the life-support machine made with the use of a 3D printer. It was developed by Polish engineers. Interestingly, the cost of making a life-support machine in this way is much lower than that of using standard designs. We are waiting for a vaccine or a cure for COVID-19, but before that happens, we should learn how to fight the pandemic. - Our goal was to create a venue where all the solutions could be tested. Until recently, we were customers ourselves who needed the best solutions, we were preparing our facility - EXPO Krakow to welcome guests under the new sanitary regime. We can understand the situation of companies that, just like us, spent many hours browsing through offers. We would certainly save a lot of time if we could participate in the event to which we are inviting you. - says Marcin Bugajski – the Administrative and Technical Director of the Facility, member of the Board of the Fair in Krakow.

Competition is growing

The cleaning and disinfection industry is growing in strength day by day. Entrepreneurs outdo each other in creativity. The available offer is very wide. As in any business, manufacturers  fight for customers and their interest. It is increasingly difficult to stand out and build a reliable brand. ANTYCOVID EXPO will help you gain publicity and quickly reach your audience. It will also provide you with an opportunity to learn about products that are helpful in everyday life.


The event is aimed at manufacturers, distributors, trainers and service companies dealing with health and safety. The fair is an opportunity to attract new customers, expand your business network and develop your company. The guests of the event will have the opportunity to learn about the best solutions that will help in their daily duties. There are going to be two intense days during which visitors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the proposed offer: every company, factory, shop, showroom or household is looking for products and solutions that will provide adequate protection for employees and family members. The ANTYCOVID EXPO trade fair meets expectations by proposing an event that has not been organized by anyone in Poland yet, and which is needed in a developing market. The fair will be accompanied by workshops and demonstrations of technologies, including those that clean the air in closed rooms. The offer will be complemented by training in the area of occupational health and safety, advisory and psychological training.

Safe fair

- Our priority is to ensure the safety of exhibitors, visitors and employees at every stage of the implementation of individual events. We guarantee that on October 14-15 you will not find a safer and more comfortable place than EXPO Krakow. Thanks to the developed procedures, we are ready to organize trade fairs and business meetings in the "new reality". - adds Marcin Bugajski.

Both privately and professionally, we have faced new challenges. Solutions such as ozonation and fogging are tested in workplaces. Privately, we are seeking for masks, helmets or bactericidal liquids. Solutions of this type have become our everyday life, and everything indicates that they will stay with us for longer. ANTYCOVID EXPO will allow us to feel better in the new reality and choose the best possible products.

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