Malopolska - Safe Tourism Certificate

Travel safely in the Malopolska Region. The "Malopolska - Safe Tourism" program has begun, the aim of which is to increase the trust of people visiting the Region in hotel facilities, transport services and various types of tourist attractions! As of today, we invite you to register at

Malopolska - Safe Tourism Certificate

The certificate can be used by tourist entities, for which one of the most important current goals is to maintain and guarantee the highest sanitary standards, as well as the universally understood safety of travelers and vacationers in the region.

As part of the certification, entrepreneurs offering their services in the Malopolska Region providing tourist services, can be recorded in the following categories:

Accommodation facilities, restaurants, places and services operating in the so-called "Meetings industry"

Tourist attractions

Tourist transport

Tourist Service Offices - including IT points.

The certificate will promote companies, places and tourist services carried out in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Participation in the certification is voluntary, and thanks to the financial support of the project by the Malopolska Region - free of charge for the applying entrepreneurs.

Entities interested in obtaining the Malopolska - Safe Tourism Certificate will be able to apply via the dedicated website at


We are taking care of the safety of tourists. The Malopolska Region is a leader in terms of the number of facilities with a safety certificate

The tourism industry in the Malopolska Region is facing new challenges and, in the interests of the safety of its guests, it implements special security measures in order to accept tourists coming to the region. More than 270 accommodation facilities in the Malopolska Region have already obtained the PTO "Hygienically safe facility" certificate, which places our region at the first position in the country.

The research of the Polish Tourist Organization shows that more than half of Poles planning to travel will be staying in Poland this year. The research also confirms that more than 80 percent of tourists, when planning a vacation, pay attention to the increased hygiene standards, increasing the level of safety in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic.

For entrepreneurs from the tourism industry, the safety of guests and employees of tourist facilities is key, therefore they used the quarantine period to adapt their facilities to specific sanitary requirements, using innovative solutions and security measures. This is evidenced by the fact that more than 270 facilities in the Malopolska Region are now certified by the Polish Tourist Organization as "Hygienically Safe Facilities".

The certificate developed by a team of experts operating at the Polish Tourist Organization in cooperation with the industry has been prepared in such a way as to serve not only large chain hotels, but also agritourism farms, small guest houses and catering facilities. It should be remembered that this is a self-certification, i.e. the owner confirms compliance with the safety requirements based on the Sanitary Inspectorate’s guidelines. Thus, by completing the form, the facility declares that it meets certain requirements for the proper protection of the facility in terms of hygiene, both in terms of employees, guests and space. In order to join the project, go to the website and fill in a dedicated facility adaptation card.

Tourists planning their vacation in the Malopolska Region can check which facilities have taken steps to ensure the safety of employees and guests staying in the facility at and use the sign "Hygienically safe facility".

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