Totally Different but Totally Together

A unique social campaign has just appeared on the streets of Krakow, it aims at supporting residents in dealing with handling everyday life in lock-down.

Totally Different but Totally Together
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Although its rigors are gradually melting, the new realities will be far from the norms we remember. The Krakow Festival Office invited eight Krakow graphic artists and visual artists, as well as four people, to co-create the campaign. Their uplifting interpretations of the campaign slogan decorate almost 200 media carriers made available by Clear Channel Polska and AMS.

While under lock-down, we need a positive message that will allow us to break away from the troublesome "here and now" - this is the assumption of the Krakow Festival Office, the initiator of the social "Totally Different but Totally Together" campaign.

The slogan of the campaign inspired artists, graphic designers and writers to express their hope and need for collective solidarity. Recognized visual artists: Tomek Budzyń, Łukasz Habiera NAWER, Antek Korzeniowski, Katarzyna Kotnowska, Marcin Maciejowski, Łukasz Markiewicz, Filip Piekara PIEKSA, Witold Siemaszkiewicz and Joanna Tyborowska took care of the good energy flowing from nearly 200 Krakow stops and showcases. The latter created posters for texts written by Łukasz Orbitowski, Michał Rusinek, Dominika Słowik and Adam Zagajewski for the campaign. Other graphic designers have interpreted the campaign slogan in their own way.

– With all the ambiguity of the slogan "Totally Different but Totally Together" we wanted to point to the uniqueness of the situation in which we have found ourselves due to the coronavirus epidemic, but also to suggest that despite external circumstances, the community can continue thanks to our involvement - Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office, clarifies the campaign idea.

– The sense of community today mediated in new technologies or manifested in small, non-obvious gestures is something that we can and actively want to build. Our campaign is to be fuel for collective management of a difficult situation. In physical isolation, in a closed space, but side by side - together - she highlights.

The new rules for using public space, the #stayathome order and the obligation to wear a mask keep us apart, but at the same time show that we can only overcome the epidemic by joining forces. An example of solidarity was demonstrated by two outdoor advertising companies, Clear Channel Polska and AMS, they joined the campaign by providing advertising display cases throughout the city.

–This is a beautiful example of action when large market players decide to act in accordance with the principle of competition, i.e. the cooperation of entities that compete daily, from which each of them emerges victoriously. Our action itself illustrates the slogan "together" - people from both cultural and business circles joined us, they gave up profit and decided to join forces for a just cause - Helbin adds.

This is a great moment for reflection and debate about what community means to us, and what closeness is in a pandemic era. An attempt to answer this question is made by Dominika Słowik, a laureate of “Polityka” Passports 2019 for the book “Zimowla”. We will see her on one of the posters designed by Joanna Tyborowska. "Closeness is not measured in meters. Be close. Maintain distance”- in a few words the writer deconstructs the ubiquitous language of security principles in order to return to the original meaning of words and remind us what we should take care of during lock-down.

The campaign also includes humorous accents, such as the Wawel dragon in a mask by Tomasz Budzyń or the work of the cartoonist and painter Marcin Maciejowski, from which a cat looks at us with an undisguised reproach. "Could you possibly work out a bit?" - the artist perversely suggests, although we know that the lazy animal occupying the sofa is exemplifying the greatest common sense.

It will be OK! - Łukasz Markiewicz's poster seems to assure us with the smiling sun slowly emerging from behind the well-known gray outline of SARS-CoV-2. All the works make up the unique campaign of the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office. With humor, from a distance, sometimes contrarily. Unlike always, but always with a positive message, which is now needed by the inhabitants of Krakow.

The campaign can be seen on the streets of Krakow until the end of May.

Organizers of the campaign "Totally Different but Totally Together": City of Krakow, Krakow Festival Office, Clear Channel Polska, AMS

The invited creators: Tomek Budzyń, Łukasz Habiera NAWER, Antek Korzeniowski, Katarzyna Kotnowska, Marcin Maciejowski, Łukasz Markiewicz, Łukasz Orbitowski, Filip Piekara PIEKSA, Michał Rusinek, Witold Siemaszkiewicz, Dominika Słowik, Joanna Tyborowska i Adam Zagajewski.

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