Antivirus initiatives of OWHC member cities

Cities around the world are undertaking a variety of initiatives to mitigate the effects of the crisis, and bring about economic recovery, once restrictions on the spread of the epidemic have been lifted.

Antivirus initiatives of OWHC member cities

The World Heritage City organization, which brings together historical cities, has created a platform for the exchange of information on the various initiatives of its members. Their number is steadily increasing.

The activities are divided into four categories:

Prevention and safety

Flattening the epidemic curve and ensuring service continuity

Economic and tourist recovery

Creating or improving digital access to cultural heritage (when physical access is not possible)

Here are some examples. It is worth noting that some of these are initiatives that can be implemented by social organizations or companies, not just city authorities:

Bamberg (Germany) - Local delivery of bread and ... beer

This is a supply initiative for small and medium enterprises. In Bamberg, the "Zuckerbrot" bakery joined forces with the German Beer Academy to provide local basic food products: bread, cinnamon rolls and beer. Food packages can be ordered online and delivered directly to homes.

Bamberg - Educational resources on the Internet

In connection with the closure of schools in Bavaria, the City of Bamberg has created an online platform with exercises, lesson plans and working materials, some of which also relate to Bamberg's monuments.

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

The city of Dubrovnik has developed a set of measures for vulnerable groups and entrepreneurs. The set of measures for vulnerable groups is HRK 17.15 million (approx. EUR 2.5 million), while the funds for exemptions for entrepreneurs are "solid" - HRK 28.75 million (approx. EUR 4 million). There is a website with instructions for this help. An interactive group has also been created on the network to exchange information, videos and photos about a virus pandemic.

Icherisheher - Baku (Azerbaijan) - Museum from home

All museums have been closed in Baku since March 14, 2020, cultural events have been canceled, and museum stores, cafes and restaurants have been closed. The city decided to release all tenants (restaurants, shops, etc.) of urban facilities from two months of paying rent.

The Old Town Museum Center offers a lot of online resources - the #MuseumFromHome project aims at promoting Azerbaijan's historical and cultural heritage. The project also aims at educating young people and is an offer for spending free time in an interesting way for everyone. As part of this campaign, documentaries, videos, 3D and 2D animations about the state of the Shirwan were presented on social networks.

The Old Town Museum Center has also launched the #ValideyinleriQoru (Protect Parents) campaign as part of #EvdeQal (Stay At Home). The older generation is currently the most vulnerable group - they also need support and love the most, which is why the project is to raise young people’s awareness of the problem.

The "Dastan" Traditional Arts Center organizes online sales promotions for traditional artistic and craft products, as well as broadcasts of Puppet Theater performances on television and the Internet (Youtube / Facebook and Instagram Pages)

Oaxaca (Mexico) - Action plan for revitalizing the state of Oaxaca for professionals in the field of heritage protection

The city of Oaxaca has initiated a program dedicated to local products and services - #supportinglocalbusiness, competitions are announced in it for the development of detailed designs and public works in local architectural offices - regarding the spatial development plan of the metropolitan area and the state, especially the old city.

The government has allocated USD 100,000 to the URBAN PROJECT. Projects (up to 50) for investments and metropolitan and local projects are to be submitted to the competition. In the second part, projects will be expected in the area of management of the historical area - recognized as a strategic area, and which, at the same time, have been neglected for years. This initiative promotes the slogan: #Support local architects. Bearing the challenges in the area of world heritage in mind, the city also organizes online training, which aims at increasing awareness of the value of cultural heritage.

Philadelphia (USA) - Fun ways to explore Philadelphia's heritage from home

The Philadelphia initiative meets residents who are forced to stay home and would like to get to know their city better - the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the United States. The Heritage Education Resource Center, through, offers more than 200 educational resources dedicated to Philadelphia; a documentary entitled Philadelphia - a world heritage city - available in 12 languages as well a Philadelphia Coloring Book and other themed coloring pages that develop creativity. Copies of the Coloring Book - in English, Japanese or Spanish - can be ordered home. Philadelphia has also created an interactive map of the 67 most important monuments of the city.

Regensburg (Germany) - #supportyourlocals – an Internet platform for owners of small shops and gastronomy

On the following website, students of the local University of Applied Sciences created a platform for typical small and private boutiques, shops and gastronomy in Regensburg. It supports activities aimed at promoting online or telephone orders through strong promotion on social media. As part of the new cooperation with the E-Bike delivery service, you can ensure fast and durable, sometimes even same-day - delivery within the city limits. Although the platform for local businesses already existed before the coronavirus crisis, this situation has caused much more attention to website services, especially in the case of offers for very small stores and gastronomy outlets that do not yet have an online store.

Valparaiso (Chile) - Neighborhood supply network

The idea from Chile is a map with information about the market of services or trade of necessities, containing information about working hours and the possibility of ordering for delivery. By using this site, you can quickly find products and services of interest to you in your area. This reduces the flow of people, strengthens local trade and enables suppliers, e.g. fishermen, to maintain sales through home delivery.

For a full list of initiatives presented by the OWHC cities, please visit:

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