Let’s Support Local Companies

An economic crisis is ongoing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies are already bankrupt, others are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Let’s Support Local Companies
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The city has launched the "Pause" program, a campaign to help local companies that has also been prepared by the Merchant Congregation and the Malopolska Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship.

 We are in an exceedingly difficultsituation. Not only do we live in constant fear of our own and our loved ones' health, but many of us are worried about our future - our workplace, our companies- said the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski. - Before we even heard about the government's anti-crisis shield, we prepared the Pause Program for local entrepreneurs as a city. We work as a local government to protect jobs, howevereach of us can help. I am cordially asking you to drawattention to the origin of the product and choose Polish products from local entrepreneurs during this difficult time when shopping. This is especially important now! –he added.

–We have prepared special markings - posters that will hang on shop windows or service outlets that can function - says Wiesław Jopek, the President of the Krakow Merchant Congregation. - They will inform you that a given company is a local entrepreneur who needs the support of us all - he adds.

As part of the initiative initiated by the Polish Shops Section operating within the Krakow Merchant Congregation, any company with Polish capital, being a local enterprise, can apply to the Congregation and the Chamber for special posters or send an email to kongregacja@kongregacja.pl to receive electronic version.

These can hang on storefronts, restaurants (with delivery / take-out service), or functioning service points, or on local stores' websites.

–We want to act for the benefit of local entrepreneurs, members of our Congregation in the Malopolska Region, but also in Silesia and Podkarpacie. This is real support for entrepreneurs, which means that they will survive and will not have to lay offemployees or liquidate companies - Jopek notes.

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