Short-term rental and tourist fee

On February 13 this year the Union of Polish Metropolises held a meeting of city representatives and representatives of the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw.

Short-term rental and tourist fee
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During the meeting, topics related to the provision of hotel services in non-categorized facilities (popularly known as short-term rentals) as well as the introduction of tourist fees were discussed.

The change in the way of traveling, the availability of transport means and the large role of booking platforms have an impact on the development of accommodation in facilities that are not hotels or guesthouses. Apartments for tourists are extremely popular, and this way of providing accommodation to tourists arouses the greatest emotions. Due to changes taking place on the hotel market, the clarification of the legal rules is necessary. Therefore, participants of the meeting drew attention to important issues such as: fire regulations, the role of booking platforms on the market of accommodation services or the taxation of short-term tourist rentals.

A representative of the Department of Tourism at the Ministry of Development was present at the meeting and discussed the status of work relating to accommodation services as well as tourist fees. Both the rules relating to short-term tourist rentals and the manner of introducing and collecting the tourist fee will be - as assured by the MR representative - widely consulted. In the case of fiscal issues, works that will help in the unequivocal interpretation of tax regulations will also be conducted. All participants of the meeting confirm that the goal of the undertaken initiatives is to organize the hotel market and introduce clear rules for all its participants.

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