Nowa Huta's greenery appreciated by readers of "The Guardian"

Readers of The Guardian British newspaper appreciated Nowa Huta. The Krakow district has been awarded for the proximity of green areas and inexpensive housing.

Nowa Huta's greenery appreciated by readers of
Photo Fot. Jan Graczyński

Nowa Huta opens a list of 10 European city neighborhoods to live in. The honored group also included: Wrocław's Downtown, Wilhelminapark in Utrecht, Madrid's Vallecas, Moabit in Berlin, Le Panier in Marseille, the Howth district in Dublin, Döbling in Vienna, Józsefváros in Budapest and Nea Smyrni in Athens.

As The Guardian writes , just a 20-minute tram ride from the center of Krakow allows residents and tourists to change their environment. We leave behind the bourgeois atmosphere of the Old Town - with shiny roofs of tenement houses and cobbled alleys - and enter a unique urban space, Nowa Huta, a masterful realization of social realist architecture. Wide, planted avenues, parks and residential buildings at affordable prices dominate. The history of the district is documented by a museum located in a former cinema, and there are many stories to be told: from the beginnings of the plant complex in 1954, through the Solidarity movement, until the fall of communism.


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