Tourism Friendly Cities set a task plan

Diagnosis of the state and directions of tourism development are becoming more and more undertaken tasks in urban development. The new so-called models of sharing economies, overgrowth of the tourist function, quality of life for residents and expectations of visitors require seeking compromise solutions.

Tourism Friendly Cities set a task plan
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That is why Krakow participates in the Urbact III project called Tourism Friendly Cities, it brings together ten such European cities as: Dubrovnik, Venice, Braga, Genoa and Utrecht, working on a sustainable tourism strategy.

On January 27-29, representatives of partner cities met in Braga, Portugal to summarize audits identifying tourism development barriers. Cities are preparing the application concept for the 2nd stage of the project, which aims at exchanging knowledge and activating local stakeholder groups. The tasks include: developing sustainable tourism development tools, organizing thematic workshops for the industry and establishing criteria for the awarding of a quality certificate. Krakow will host representatives of the partner cities of the project in September 2021.

The project is useful and compatible with the document entitled "Krakow's sustainable tourism policy" developed by Krakow, it will be addressed to public consultations in spring.

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