ICCA Meetings Management Workshop in Krakow

The ICCA Workshop for the Meetings Management sector will be held for the first time in Poland. The event will take place from July 2-4, 2020 in Krakow.

ICCA Meetings Management Workshop in Krakow
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The acquisition of the workshop is the result of the Symposium Cracoviense initiative.

Thanks to the initiative of the ICCA member, PCO Symposium Cracoviense, supported by the Krakow Convention Bureau, the ICE Krakow Congress Center and the Radisson Blu Krakow Hotel, the forthcoming international business workshop for ICCA members from the Meetings Management sector will take place in the summer of next year. This will not only be an important business meeting, but also a huge international promotion for Krakow.

ICCA members from the meeting management sector invite their client, a representative of an international association who has a real influence on the decision as to where their congress is going to take place, to the workshop. Due to the fact that congresses of international associations rotate between destinations and do not return to the same places for over 10 years, clients willingly exchange their contacts during the meeting, sharing all the information necessary to obtain and organize the congress.

According to Anna Jędrocha, President of Symposium Cracoviense who took part in last year's workshop in Florence, ICCA business workshops are an ideal platform for establishing important business contacts in a fast, efficient and profitable way. In her opinion, the workshops were so effective that she decided to make all efforts for Krakow to become the organization venue of this event.

Registration for the event will start on January 20, 2020. ICCA members can invite a guest of an international association, who, apart from deciding on the location of an international congress with more than 500 delegates and taking place at least every four years and lasting at least three days, should also use the services of a local PCO (not the so-called core PCO).
The number of places for workshops is limited and only two members from the same country can participate, including only one from the given city. The registration deadline is April 30, 2020.

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