Autumn at EXPO Krakow: new events - new challenges!

Specialized trade fairs during which heavy machinery can be placed (or even a house can be built) are still a challenge that many exhibition facilities literally can't bear.

Autumn at EXPO Krakow: new events - new challenges!
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EXPO Krakow is an exception in the organization of large business-to-business fairs that apply to industries that use large equipment.
On the opening day of the EXPO Krakow International Trade Fair and Congress, we were filled with pride in creating the perfect facility for the organization of specialist fairs. Heavy machinery, large equipment, monumental stands - all this will have a place in EXPO halls. The impressive load-bearing capacity of the floor, area unrestricted by pillars, large wooden girders all prove that we are able to organize both smaller events and advanced trade fairs.

This year, in terms of utilizing the technical capabilities of the facility, we were delighted with the first BAKEPOL Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair in Krakow - an event for the bakery and confectionery industry, organized by the Poznań International Fair. The adoption of such advanced exhibitions requires exceptional preparation on the part of the facility. We had the opportunity to see loads of dough machines, powerful ovens and impressive high stands on the weekend of September 12-14. We have to admit that the needs of this industry prompted us to take a completely new perspective when it comes to the construction of stands - both the Wisła hall and the Danube hall have evolved into delightful one- and two-level cafe-confectioneries.

Evertiq Expo was another new event in our facility, which was held on October 17. This is a joint brand of the fair organized by Evertiq - an information service for the electronics industry in Europe. The event, held at Krakow EXPO, is a combination of trade fairs and conferences for the electronics industry. Outside our country, Evertiq organizes one-day events in Sweden and Finland. At EXPO Krakow, we hosted 115 exhibitors presenting their product and service offers for the electronics industry. In total, companies were represented by over 350 people, and the total number of all the participants was about 1,000 people. This event was characterized by a large minimalism in terms of stalls - lectures, workshops and fairs were conducted in the table-top formula. In addition to the trade fair and conference part, participants also had the opportunity to take advantage of workshops run by professionals.

New, interesting events is something that invariably excites the EXPO Krakow team. Each new event is a challenge for us - both before and during implementation. We are still surprised by the possibilities of the facility, we discover them together with the next ideas of our clients. Nothing is impossible for us!

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