Study travels - promotional tool for Krakow

Every year, the city of Krakow hosts about 200 journalists from around the world. Currently, Krakow can afford to host the selection of media.

Study travels - promotional tool for Krakow
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The organization of study trips is a priority promotional tool for Krakow. Thanks to study visits, the city's image is profiled as a cultural destination in the broad meaning of the term.

In addition to the standard tourist offer, Krakow promotes other areas of tourism, such as cultural, religious, business or medical tourism. Currently, the culinary offers of Krakow are the most popular among media representatives, in connection with the prestigious title of the European Capital of Gastronomy Culture that Krakow was awarded in 2019.

This year, the city has already hosted, among others, representatives of top media, such as RTL television (the Netherlands), SAT 1 (Germany), The Telegraph, The Independent (Great Britain), airline in-flight magazines (Lufthansa, KLM, JAL). A dedicated program is prepared for each group of study visits, adapted to the profile of the media and the market.

In 2018, about 90 study visits were carried out, in which 234 journalists took part. Among European countries, France, Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands predominated. There were also guests from Asia (including Singapore, Japan), North America and South America (Argentina) hosted. In 2018, the advertising equivalent for Krakow achieved as a result of the resulting materials amounted to an impressive amount of several million zlotys.

The study visits result in promotional materials in such prestigious media as, among others BBC television, TV France, TVE Madrid, TV Kaskad from Russia, MDR and Kick Film from Germany, as well as such magazines and journals as The Guardian, National Geographic, Suddeutche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel and Cosmopolitan. Krakow’s pressence on tourist websites and numerous blogs dedicated to travel issues is also significant.

Being open to the so-called new media, Krakow also hosts bloggers, vloggers and instagramers.

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