What does Culinary Krakow live on in October?

In October, mushrooms, plums and pumpkins reign in the kitchen, and nature takes on autumn colors. For gastronomy, this is a season of interesting meetings at the table. The entire month of October will be full of tasting dinners devoted to autumn flavors.In October, mushrooms, plums and pumpkins reign in the kitchen, and nature takes on autumn colors.

What does Culinary Krakow live on in October?
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For gastronomy, this is a season of interesting meetings at the table. . The entire month of October will be full of tasting dinners devoted to autumn flavors.

We still eat outdoors

Autumn has its undeniable charm in Stary Kleparz. On Sunday, October 4, the market will come to life again thanks to the Art & Food Bazar, a culinary festival that attracts lovers of outdoor food. This will be the penultimate edition of the festival this season before the winter break.

From fire or water?

Until October 4, the culinary festival From fire and water will last, participated by over 30 Krakow restaurants. In this edition, their task was to prepare a 3-course menu inspired by Asian flavors. In each of the restaurants you will find two variants of the festival menu: "From Fire", in which the main course is high-quality meat, and "From water", which is a menu based on fish and seafood.

Tasting dinner season

On October 8, Krakow's gourmets will have a hard nut to crack: this day will bring us two unique tasting dinners in Krakow's restaurants.

Last year, the Slow Food Masterclass dinner series was immensely popular among slow food lovers. The event will come back on October 8, and this time will be hosted by Albertina Restaurant & Wine. It is there that we will taste the autumn, seven-course Polish cuisine menu using products from the Ark of Slow Food, prepared for us by Albertina's chef, Grzegorz Fic and his guests - Miłosz Kowalski from Halicka Eatery & Bar and Konrad Korszla from Heron Live Hotel.

Tastes, smells, colors ... Autumn is by far the most aromatic season of the year! On October 8, Gavi Restaurant, located in the Bachleda Luxury Hotel invites you to a culinary journey through the Malopolska Region as part of the Jesienne Smaki Małopolski dinner in cooperation with Ojców Trout and Culinary Promoter Bartosz Wilczyński. Dariusz Polak, the chef of Gavi Restaurant, is cooking.

On Saturday, October 17, the Plac Nowy 1 restaurant is inviting you to a Tasting Dinner - a joint journey through the surprising taste sensations of traditional Polish cuisine, where dishes and drinks are inspired by autumn and regional ingredients: Polish cheeses, meats, mushrooms and autumn fruit. The chef, Daniel Socha, and the bar chef, Dariusz Misior, together with the best chefs at Plac Nowy 1, developed their own 6-course tasting menu.

Those who are already looking forward to St. Martin's goose meat in November will certainly be interested in the "Goose Meat and Wine" tasting dinner at the Biała Róża restaurant. On Thursday, October 22, Łukasz Cichy, the chef at Biała Róża, is inviting Marcin Sołtys (the chef at Filipa 18 Food Wine Art restaurant) and Marcin Pławecki (the chef at the Gęś w Dymie restaurant) to his kitchen, and together they will prepare a goose menu for their guests. This group is by no means coincidental - each of the three chefs specializes in regional cuisine and is known for their interpretations of Polish dishes.

On Saturday, October 24, the "From the Italian land to Poland" dinner will be held at the Trzy Gęsi restaurant. The Special Guest, Michelin Star Chef Andrea Camastra, together with Tomasz Smoczyk, the chef at Trzy Gęsi, invite you to a unique tasting dinner. Two culinary cultures will meet on the plates of the participants on this evening. The aim of the chefs is to show the magic resulting from their combination of flavors. This is how a unique 6-course tasting dinner will be created. The quality of the product will meet the art of serving.

Hospitality’s backroom

On October 23, the Makro Inspiration Academy is inviting you to a meeting with the authors of the prestigious book "Hospitality’s backroom in practice": Patrycja Siwiec, Adam Chrząstowski and Adam Pawłowski. The agenda of the meeting includes a discussion about the future of the catering industry. The authors of the book will explain why good relationships constitute the foundation of the best and most enduring restaurant concepts in the world. During the meeting, a workshop called "Kitchen vs. service" will also be held. A culinary show by Adam Chrząstowski "Autumn Polish tapas" with tasting is also planned.

The joyful culture of Mexico

An evening of Mexican cuisine and culture will take place on October 30 at Cafe Oranżeria in the Kossak Hotel. "Dia de Muertos" is mainly celebrated in Mexico and Central America. In the Mexican tradition, the Day of the Dead is a joyful occasion, as it is believed that the dead are still alive and that their souls feast and rejoice in the company of their celebrating families.

You are invited to Culinary Krakow in October!

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