Be a Tourist in Your City – Explore Krakow is ongoing

The City of Krakow has launched an information and social campaign aimed at supporting the local tourism market. BE TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY – EXPLORE KRAKOW is a social campaign addressed to all the inhabitants of Krakow, whose main goal is to support local businesses.

 Be a Tourist in Your City – Explore Krakow is ongoing
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The initiative is based on the principles of participation, addressed to all residents of Krakow, it aims to support local entrepreneurs.

The campaign announced by Jacek Majchrowski, the Mayor of Krakow is mainly targeted at the local community, and its goal is to stimulate the local economy and involve the inhabitants of Krakow in the process of restoring the city to the tourist capital of Poland. Of course, during the coronavirus pandemic, Krakow does not forget about the safety of its inhabitants, adapting the scale of its campaign to the current situation and the possibilities arising from government regulations. However, the current state of affairs allows the project to enter the next stage.

Thus, now residents of Krakow can report the desire to receive branding materials promoting the campaign, they will be able to post them in their companies, institutions and premises, as well as on social media. They can also send their ideas and actively participate in the campaign. Specially appointed coordinators of individual areas will help them.

Within the structures of the Krakow Festival Office, which is the operator of a social and information campaign, coordinators have been appointed for: music, film, literature, handicrafts and crafts, tourism, local activities (NGOs), gastronomy and business. They will pass on the materials and current messages about the campaign to those interested Krakow residents.

Branding materials

Every e-mail message expressing a desire to receive materials regardless of the area of interest should contain:

  • name of the entity (company, institution, NGO, private person)
  • a proposal for a specific action (it should contain no more than 700 characters with spaces; you can also attach a link to video material and photos: a maximum of two pieces in jpg format not exceeding 1 MB each for the photos - due to the nature of the campaign, preparing promotional offer or discount is suggested- this applies to paid activities only)
  • address, first and last name of the contact person
  • phone number and email address
  • consent to the processing of personal data (please print the consent form, sign it and send a scan or photo of the signed consent)

Special email addresses have been launched from April 30 that will be assigned to specific areas of the project:


Interested parties should select the appropriate e-mail address corresponding to the nature of the offered action and send the notification.

Due to the forecasted high interest in the campaign, please be patient; coordinators of the individual areas will gradually become acquainted with all the residents' proposals and provide materials promoting the campaign. Each message will be analyzed with due attention.

Communication channels

Communication activities under the "Be a Tourist in Your City - Explore Krakow" campaign will take place through dedicated channels on social media: on Facebook on the Be a Tourist in Your City - Explore Krakow fanpage, and the @badzturysta profile on Instagram.

The existing social media channels such as the Krakow Experience and profiles of the city of Krakow and brands managed by the Krakow Festival Office will also be used.

We are encouraging local entrepreneurs, institutions, activists, artists and all residents of Krakow to post in their social media materials that will be available on the indicated profiles.

Join the campaign

Like the Be a Tourist in Your City - Explore Krakow profile on Facebook, or be with us on @badzturysta on Instagram.

Three areas of the social and information campaign

The "Be a Tourist in Your City - Explore Krakow " campaign - announced on Friday, April 24, has been divided into three areas.

The first of them - open events is an invitation to re-discover Krakow by its residents by participating in thematic walks related to: literature, music, film, craft, handicrafts, memorials, history of Krakow. They will be conducted by professional guides, enthusiasts, artists, activists , writers. There will also be a place for open cultural or social events, such as picnics or small concerts as part of the open events.

The second area is about workshops. Numerous companies, institutions and people who run interesting and diverse workshops will be invited to cooperate. It is a way to launch the local economy also in the area of tourism, and for the residents of Krakow also a great opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills by participating in unconventional classes for a small fee.

The third area includes, in turn, activities based on sharing photos and video materials from workshops, walks and open events published on social media with hashtags #badzturystawswoimmiescie (#beatouristinyourcity) and #zwiedzajkrakow (#tourKrakow). Through social media, Krakow wants to show the whole world that it is actively preparing for a return to full-fledged functioning in the new reality.


  • The campaign is not addressed to entities operating in the field of sex-shop type activities, go-go nightclubs offering artistic performances in the field of erotic dance, striptease, etc.; entities operating in the gambling sector without the required permit (concession); activities involving the sale of legal controlled substances and other substances of natural or synthetic origin affecting the central nervous system in a manner similar to the effects of psychotropic and narcotic substances and non-food substitutes.
  • The received branding materials of the campaign can only be used in connection with and for the purposes of the "Be a Tourist in Your City - Explore Krakow" campaign.

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