The Mayor of Krakow introduces the Pause program

Mayor Jacek Majchrowski has been in constant contact with Krakow entrepreneurs since the beginning of the epidemic threat in Poland.

The Mayor of Krakow introduces the Pause program
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Considering the problematic situation of shop owners, service points and catering premises or carriers, the President of Krakow has taken steps that will facilitate the functioning of business entities in the crisis time for them - the "Pause" program.

Below please find the letter of the Mayor of Krakow to entrepreneurs:

Dear Sir or Madam!

As we expected, the current situation is very difficult for all entrepreneurs. Not only for the tourism industry, but also for shop owners, service points and catering premises, and carriers.

I strongly believe that the government will fulfill its promises and propose comprehensive solutions to protect entrepreneurs.

As Krakow, however, we will not remain idle and, within our capabilities and competences, we will try to introduce reliefs and facilitations to help entrepreneurs as much as possible and protect the jobs in our city.

I declare that the payment of local taxes, primarily property tax, but also e.g. on means of transport, will be deferred, at the entrepreneur's request, for the period from March to May inclusively or spread out in installments. You will also be able to apply for cancellation of tax arrears.

Entrepreneurs renting municipal premises who, due to the situation, had to suspend their operations, will be exempt from rent for this period.

We will also suspend fees for areas in which summer gardens operate for three months.

In terms of the zone in the city center, we will suspend the car traffic restriction zone in Kazimierz and the fee for marking parking spaces.

Dear Sir or Madam!

I hope that similar facilitations regarding the deferral or payment of installments will also be executed by other institutions, primarily the Social Insurance Institution, as well as gas and electricity suppliers.

I remain in touch with government representatives. A long list of proposals that can protect the tourism industry has also been sent to the Ministry of Development. In the letter, I asked for the possibility of suspending loan installments for some time and preparing an offer of low-interest loans for entrepreneurs who will suffer most as a result of the crisis. I trust that the proposals will be included in the government’s decisions.

Jacek Majchrowski

Mayor of the City of Krakow


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