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Registration now open!

On 8-9 October 2019, the ICE Kraków Congress Centre will host the 4th Kraków Congress of Medical Tourism.

Registration now open!
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The meeting will be devoted to issues such as opportunities for fuelling the growth of medical tourism by supporting promotional activities. The panel will feature representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish Tourist Organization, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the National Association of Private Hospitals.

Like every year, the congress will also be attended by foreign experts, from countries such as France, Germany, Britain and the US, as well as representatives from Polish facilities that target foreign (Ukrainian and Arabic) markets.

Experts will also discuss new technologies used in medical tourism, e.g. in gynaecology, orthopaedics, oncology and telecare.

The second day of the Congress will be devoted to specialized workshops, e.g. Compensation for the breach of patient rights as an element of risk in medical tourism.

Read the detailed agenda and register today!

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