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What is worth knowing about hotel services in Krakow

Practical information for the owners of facilities other than: hotels, motels, guest houses, camping sites, cruise houses, youth hostels and shelters.

Do you provide accommodation services? (popularly known as short-term tourist rentals)



- submit an application / tourism and sport



The provision of hotel services in a non-categorized facility (e.g. a hostel, an apartment, guest rooms), not entered into the register1 is punishable with criminal penalties in accordance with the Code of Misdemeanors.


Ask your guests to respect residents comfort of living.


All information regarding the entry in the register1 can be obtained from the Tourism Department of the City of Krakow: 3-4 pl. Wszystkich Świętych, telephone number: 12 616 17 30, 12 616 60 70, 12 616 12 76, e-mail: kon@um.krakow.pl.


Magdalena Brzostowska


1The registry of the facilities providing hotel services which are not hotel facilities, and campsites in the Municipality of Krakow.

2Act of 29 August 1997 on hotel services and tour guide services and tourist guides (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2019, item 238).

* Hotel services - short-term, generally available renting of houses, flats, rooms, beds, as well as places for setting tents or caravans and providing related services within the facility



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