Name of the institution Category of institution
"Czerwone Maki" Loop Hotspot
Al. Grottger Hotspot
All Saints Square
Plac Wszystkich Świętych 11 Kraków
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Area "Small Plaszow" loop Hotspot
Area between the park and Oświecenia and 1000-lecia estate Hotspot
Around the tram Quiet Corner Hotspot
Bednarski Park Hotspot
Borek Fałęcki around the loop - tArea 1 Hotspot
Błonia area at the junction of the Piast and The Błoniach Hotspot
Center for Continuing Education
Osiedle Szkolne 21 31-997 Kraków
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Central Square Hotspot
Cloth Hall
Rynek Główny 1/3 31-042 Kraków
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Council District XIII
Rynek Podgórski 1 31-927 Kraków
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Council District XIV
Osiedle Dywizjonu 303 34 31-869 Kraków
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Council District XV
ul.Miśnieńska 58 31-612 Kraków
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Cultural Centre Dworek Białoprądnicki
ul.Papiernicza 31-221 Kraków
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Czerwieński boulevard in the vicinity of the Wawel Castle Hotspot
Fragment Jordan Park at the intersection of Reymont and Reymana Hotspot
Fragment Park Krakowski Square with Disabilities Hotspot
Fragment street Kamieńskiego Hotspot
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