Money, Shopping


Banks and ATMs
Around the Market Square there are located, banks and ATMs that accept most credit cards. Also in most of the shops in the center you can make transactions using the card.

Money, Shopping
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Exchange offices
Exchange of money can be made in exchange offices and banks. Banks usually charge a commission on the service so the exchange is less favorable.

Exchanging money at exchange offices should pay attention to the proposed exchange rates, or compare it with other cantors. It is recommended that prior to the transaction at the counter currency, calculate how much money we should get. The exchange rate, appearing at the entrance to the office.

For comparison, exchange rates, you can also use the information on the website of the Polish National Bank:, which publishes the current table of average exchange rates of foreign currencies.


- Old Kleparz - Market Kleparski (near the intersection ul. Basztowa and ul. Długa),
- New Kleparz - near the intersection (ul. Długa and al. Słowackiego),
- Hala Targowa - ul. Grzegórzecka,
- Plac na Stawach - street intersection (ul. Senatorska and ul. Komorowskiego).

Shopping centers
- CH Czyżyny - ul. Medweckiego 2,
- Krokus - al. Bora-Komorowskiego 37,
- CH M1 - al. Pokoju 67,
- Zakopianka - ul. Zakopiańska 62.

Shopping malls
- Bonarka City Center - ul. Kamieńskiego 11,
- Galeria Kazimierz - ul. Podgórska 34,
- Galeria Krakow - ul. Pawia 5,
- Gallery Bronowice - ul. Stawowa 61,
- Krakow Plaza - al. Pokoju 44,
- Solvay Park - ul. Zakopiańska 105.

- Carrefour - ul.Medweckiego 2 (CH Czyżyny) ul.Zakopiańska 62 (CH Zakopianka),
- Tesco - ul. Kapelanka 54 (open 24h), ul. Wielicka 259 (open 24h),
- Auchan - al. Bora-Komorowskiego 37 (w CH Krokus), al. Pokoju (CH M1), ul. Kamieńskiego 11 (Bonarka City Center),
- Kaufland Poland Markets Sp. o.o., ul. Bratislava 4.

Wholesale Cash & Carry
- Makro Cash & Carry - ul. Jasnogórska 2, ul. Zakopiańska 70a,
- Selgros Cash & Carry - ul. Nowohucka 52.

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