World heritage marathon in Krakow

This year’s session of the Committee was held in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre from the 2nd to the 12th of July. Poland has become a member of the Committee for the second time in its history; however, for the first time, Poland had the honour to host a session of the World Heritage Committee, the leading executive body of the Convention of the UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

Welcome to Poland

Info package for foreigners living in Krakow includes the most important information, which a foreigner staying in the territory of Poland should be familiar with.

Kraków mobile application

Krakow now has its very own mobile app! myKRK is Krakow's first official application addressed to all users of Android phones. The up-to-date urban guide can be downloaded and installed for free at the Google Play store or at Krakow's website.

A souvenir from Krakow

"Play the Bugle Call" mobile application was created for Polish and international tourists visiting Krakow. Anyone who downloads the app can feel like a Krakow bugler and, when leaving the city, take this special tune home – all it takes to play it is to blow in the microphone on the phone. The app allows installation of the bugle call as a ringtone and related graphics as a wallpaper. It is compatible with three operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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