Kraków fights against the coronavirus related crisis

Kraków offers assistance and support to branches threatened by the epidemic in their fight against the coronavirus associated crisis. 

Covid-19 – useful information

Everyone wants to be up to date in the face of the current epidemic. We have prepared a special edition of the “” bi-weekly for those residents of Krakow who do not speak Polish.

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The current state of epidemic emergency caused by the coronavirus makes us look for trusted and updated information. It is however impossible to keep up with the flow of incoming news, not to mention selection of key information. This is why we have prepared a digest of such information and present it in a special issue of Krakó – the city’s biweekly, at this difficult time, published also in English.

What you should know about the coronavirus

In view of the occurrence of the virus cases in recent weeks in China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and other countries, with symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing problems, we present recommendations from the sanitary services on how to deal with suspected coronavirus infection.

Low-speed electric vehicles in the Old Town

The City of Krakow cares for constant improvement of the quality standards of the public space in the historical center and the safety of tourists. From 2018, regulations concerning transport provided using low-speed electric vehicles became applicable. These services in the Old Town can only be provided using vehicles with a fixed color scheme (body in dark beige color, and other elements in black or transparent) for which the identifiers (ID) were issued. The ID in the form of a rectangular sticker with a burgundy border, are placed in the lower right corner of the vehicle's windshield, give the name of the company and vehicle identification number, and are protected against forgery with a special hologram.

Edinburgh welcomes rising star of polish literature

The winner of the Lord Provost’s International Residency has been announced as Ahsan Ridha Hassan from Krakow City of Literature.

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