Giving them money you take away their childhood

Many children are used by others to earn money. Do you want to help them? Help them not to be beggars. Every coin may be harmful if placed in wrong hands. Support the NGOs working for children in Krakow.

Giving them money you take away their childhood
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You may find catalogue of NGOs and other organizations acting for inhabitants of Krakow at: in the area of your interest which present the organizations in our city active in many areas of  much importance for social life. The catalogue is arranged to enable you to easily find and contact an organization working.

Krakow Forum of Social Organizations

Krakow Forum of Social Organizations KraFOS is a patronage organization with 36 NGO members  from Małopolska region. It cooperates also with over 40 other entities, most of them active in the area of social matters (welfare, assisting the disabled persons, veterans, elderly people,  children and youth).

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Krakow Józef Tischner Hospice for Children

For every child, and in particular to the child experiencing illness and suffering, home provides the most natural and best surroundings. Unfortunately, in Poland majority of the terminally ill children are staying in hospitals which are perceived by them as unfamiliar and often unfriendly places. That is why Krakow Józef Tischner Hospice has undertaken a mission of putting into practice the idea of a home hospice for children.

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Sports Club BŁYSKAWICA (BOLT) in Wyciąże

Since 1980 it propagates physical culture through training children and youth and participation  in football competitions. 

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Polish Association of Behavioural Therapy

The Polish Association of Behavioural Therapy was established on 5th March 2002 and having its seat in Krakow is a nonprofit nationwide organization gathering behavioral therapy professionals. Its mission is to offer multi-angle professional help to the disabled people with emotional and intellectual dysfunctions and to their families.  

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Polish Cultural Society – Youth Center „Youth Fleet – Port Krakow”

Public Benefit Institution addressing various needs of local communities. It realized many cultural, educational, guardianship and tutorage, prevention, sports, recreation and tourism projects at local, regional, national and international level . The organization helps children, youth and their parents. It organizes prevention programs directed against drugs and alcohol abuse and other pathologies. Provides various leisure time artistic and sports activities engaging and supporting creativity of young people. Fosters Polish national tradition and culture. Undertakes projects aimed at local community integration.

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