Popper Synagogue

ul. Szeroka 16, Kraków

This was built in the 1620s as a private foundation of Wolf Popper (Bocian), one of the richest Jewish merchants and financiers. Its small size earned it the colloquial nickname Mała – “the little one”. Its entire furnishing was destroyed or dispersed during the Second World War. Guidebooks from before the Second World War suggested paying special attention to the sculpted doors of the Aron Kodesh with its figures of a lion, an eagle, a deer, and a leopard, symbolising the talents and strengths of man striving for God and his perfection.

Today this is part of the collection of the Sir Isaac and Lady Edith Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem. Guidebooks also mentioned the polychrome decoration of the walls and ceiling. After the war, the synagogue ceased to perform its religious functions, and for a number of years had Jews who had arrived from the USSR living in the gallery for women. Of the former synagogue only the corpus with the main hall for men and rooms for women in the northern section remain. It was thoroughly renovated, first in the 1960s, and later in 2005. Today it houses a branch of the culture centre, and during the Jewish Culture Festival it is a venue for artistic workshops and lectures.

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