Kupa Synagogue

ul. Warszauera 8, Kraków

The synagogue was built in the 1640s from the monies of the Kahal, which is why it is called Kupa, as the word means “fund”.

In the 19th century it was repeatedly extended: first in the wake of the construction of Miodowa street. At that time a garden was designed between the street and the synagogue wall, and a storeyed wing and a balcony were built leading to the women’s area. Conservation and renewal works were also carried out between the two world wars. The interior was decorated with new paintings, and the entire building was surrounded with decorative fencing.

During the German occupation the synagogue was devastated. The bimah (the raised roofed podium in the centre of the synagogue) was entirely destroyed, and so was the platform with stairs and kantor’s pulpit in front of the Aron Kodesh; the movable furnishing was also lost.

For a number of years after the war, the synagogue again assembled a congregation for prayer. It also performed other functions, as it housed a matza producer and a ritual slaughterhouse for poultry. Moreover, Jewish families who arrived in Kraków from the USSR after 1945 lived in the wing. The synagogue was also used by a production cooperative. Today, after a thorough renovation supervised by heritage preservation services, it is a place of meetings, concerts, and exhibitions conducted primarily as part of the Jewish Culture Festival. It is also the main synagogue of the Jewish community of Kraków.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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