St Peter and St Paul’s Church

ul. Grodzka 52a, 31-044 Kraków

The church is a foundation of King Sigismund (Zygmunt) III Vasa for the Jesuits. It was built in Grodzka street from 1597 to 1619. The work was conducted under Giovanni Maria Bernardoni, and later Giovanni Trevano, who designed the façade, dome, and internal decorations. The building echoes the Jesuit Il Gesù church in Rome: it is an impressive Baroque single-nave structure with transept and chancel enclosed by a semicircular apse, flanked by two rows of chapels. The church is separated from the street by a characteristic square and dividing wall with figures of the 12 Apostles, the work of Dawid Heel, towered over by the impressive two-tier façade, which has become a model for other churches in Poland.

The late Baroque high altar, which complements the monumental interior, was designed by Kacper Bażanka. Most of the church furnishing dates back to the first half of the 18th century, and the decoration is consequently designed to symbolise the Western and Eastern church. The bronze font (1528) by one of the pillars supporting the dome was transferred from the nearby demolished All Saints’ Church. Some of the sculptures within the church are especially imposing, notably the tomb of Bishop Andrzej Trzebicki from the end of the 17th century, the tomb of the Branicki family, designed by Kacper Bażanka early in the 18th century, and the monument of Father Piotr Skarga (mid-19th-century). The body of the famous preacher was interred in the crypt under the church.

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