Church of the Holy Cross

ul. św. Krzyża 23, 31-023 Kraków

Originally Romanesque, the church is an early 13th-century foundation of Bishop Pełka, with Bishop Jan Prandota moving the Order of the Holy Spirit de Saxia (locally known as Duchacy) in the middle of the century. The current Gothic church and its tower were built already in the 14th century. It stood amidst a cemetery and was connected to a monastery and hospital buildings that stood there until their demolition late in the 19th century.

The entire compound of the church, monastery, and hospital was consumed by the fire of 1528. The buildings were however quickly renovated, and the church received lavish Renaissance polychrome wall painting, much of which has been preserved to this day. Adjacent to the church from the south is a 15th-century Chapel of St Sofia with a richly sculpted Gothic font, while the Chapel of Our Lady of Loreto boasts a miraculous figure of the Sorrowful Christ from the 16th century.

The church was thoroughly rebuilt in the 17th and again, this time with the participation of Stanisław Wyspiański, towards the end of the 19th c. The church is famous for beautiful Gothic palm vaulting supported on a single pillar standing centrally in the nave, and groin rib vaulting in the chancel. Worth attention is also the Gothic furnishing: the triptych, the crucifix on the rood beam, stallas, and pulpit.

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