Jorgos Skolias


Jorgos Skolias was born in 1950, in Zgorzelec - he's a vocalist and a composer. His parents were Greek political refugees. He grew up in a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse young environment. He took part in events organised by the Greek minority, becoming involved not only in Greek music, but also trying rock and blues. He remembers his youth in Zgorzelec as being extremely inspiring.

In the 1970s he became involved with Wrocław's very active and exciting rock and blues scene, working with the bands Nurt, Grupa 1111 and Spisek Sześciu.

His own professional career began in 1982, when he joined the jazz rock formation "KRZAK", soon attracting the interest of a number of searching, innovative musicians, from whom he received offers of live concert work and recording opportunities. He spent over a year with the band Osjan.

Between 1988 and 1991 he was the vocalist with Young Power, a group of young, unorthodox artists that demonstrated an important and innovative approach to jazz.

His work with Radosław Nowakowski (the percussionist in Osjan), the bands Tie Break, Pick Up, Free Cooperation, and Tomasz Stańko, Terje Rypdal, Nikos Touliatos and Bronisław Duży led him to experiment with new visions of music.

He has taken part in several recordings of music for theatre and film.

Jorgos Skolias is a musician seeking not only his own individual formula for the use of the human voice in music, but also inspiration, whether from blues, jazz, rock, or ethnic music, whether that of Greece, Africa or India. He studies ancient forms of vocal techniques, which has enabled him to master the technique of harmonic singing (taking three parts at once).

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