EST Experimental Dance Studio

ul. Wietora 15, 31-067 Kraków
Iwona Olszowska +48 (12)658-66-62

The EST Experimental Dance Studio has operated since 1987 under the artistic direction of Iwona Olszowska.

Since 1999 the Studio has been active in two types of work: educational and performing. EST draws from what is broadly perceived as contemporary dance techniques. Its performances being based on auxiliary techniques, such as kinesiology, BMC, Laban's technique, Bartinieff, Aleksandr's, and kinetic awareness. The dance they present is the result of the experience drawn from the American performance style and own study of movement.

The EST does not treat dance as a pure form, gravitating rather towards abstraction and theatre. Much space is devoted to the search for the mechanisms of bodily movements, a movement ABC of a sort, which becomes the means of communication in choreography. The most important here is the expressive layer of the dance – the transfer of emotion and content – that is why much attention is paid to the importance of the gesture, its transformation and quality of movement. Depending on the theme approached, the body becomes the vehicle of psychic experience, emotions build the tissue of the movement, while gestures transform the whole body.

EST alludes to other fields of art, draws inspiration from music, painting, and literature. In order to broaden the scope of understanding of the dance as a universal art, EST remains open to interdisciplinary cooperation. Every year, the EST participates in contemporary dance festivals. It promotes dance art by participating in television programmes. EST has cooperated with American dance teachers whose number has included Linda Caldwell, Karen Studd, Joan Laage, members of the Thompson & Trammell Quartet ensemble, Joe Alter, and Raisa Jaroslov.


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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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