Organum Academic Choir

ul. Sienna 5, 31-041 Kraków

Side by side with the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, Polish Radio Orchestra and Choir, Capella Cracoviensis, and Opera and Operetta, the Organum Academic Choir is a leading institution in the music life of Krakow. Although the Choir is not a professional organisation, it presents high levels of craftsmanship.

The ensemble was established in 1969 as an initiative of a Krakow music teacher and organ master, Bogusław Grzybek, who has remained the Choir's conductor and artistic director. From its earliest days, the Choir operated under the auspices of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia which automatically indicated the general course in the operation of the Choir, aligning it powerfully with the Church as well as Polish and Christian traditions. Patriotic concerts organised by the Choir to commemorate the Polish Independence Day (11th November) and other historically important national anniversaries, still long before the rebirth of the Independent Polish State, cannot simply be overlooked or forgotten. These facts are among the most praiseworthy in the history of the Choir.

The Organum Academic Choir emphasises its lasting commitment to the music which was composed and used to be played atop Wawel Hill, accentuating especially its link with the person of Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki – the Choir's artistic and spiritual patron. Hence, worth mentioning and praise are the initiatives of the Choir aimed at the revival of the works and life of this nearly unknown Wawel musician.

The Choir cooperates with Polish philharmonic institutions, Lvov Philharmonic, Krakow Opera, Warsaw Chamber Opera, and Krakow theatres. It is a regular participant and laureate of choir contests, festivals, and competitions. It is strongly involved in recording, continuously expanding and enriching its repertoire which, side by side with early music includes the works by contemporary artists: Górecki, Koszewski, Krenz, Nikodemowicz, Penderecki, Szeligowski, and Twardowski. Annually, the choir performs around 50 concerts. For the last six years it has performed together with the Ricecar Instrumental Ensemble, adding to its repertoire oratory music (Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi.) The concerts of the Choir were highly successful in nearly all European countries and in the USA. Especially memorable are the performances in Vatican. Organum maintains regular contacts with numerous foreign choirs. This cooperation has also a practical dimension: these are exchanges of repertoire and experience, as well as joint concerts.

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News author: Karol Róg
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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