Dom Harcerza Youth Culture Centre

ul. Reymonta 18, 30-059 Kraków

The centre began its work on 1st January, 1963 as a regular Youth Culture Centre operating in Jordan's Park. After a number of formal and organisational changes, it received its present name in September 1979.

What makes the "Dom Harcerza" (House of the Scouts) Youth Culture Centre special among all the others municipal educational and social centres is its wide all-year-round activity in the field of leisure and holiday organisation and recreation for children and youth. It is possible thanks to its splendid premises: apart from the Centre's seat at 18 Reymonta Street, the "Dom Harcerza" has three attractively situated branches. One of them is the TABUN Equestrian Tourism Club in Olszanica (on the outskirts of Krakow.) The Club organises horseback riding courses for beginners and activities for advanced riders. The best are trained for the annual show jumping and dressage competitions. So far members of the club have won four Cups in club equestrian championships. Apart from horseback riding, the youth learn to prepare the horse for the ride, groom it after the ride, and do all the day's stablework. In the 1998/99 school year the Club organised five horseback riding courses for beginners with participation of 120.

The Centre in Olszanica is the only one in Krakow, and one of few in Poland, to conduct a variety of hippotherapeutic activities. During the 1998/99 school year, there were 64 courses in individual hippotherapeutic courses organised for children with motional dysfunctions and psychical disorders (among those there were autistic children, children with the Down syndrome, and those with cerebral palsy.) During each of those, the activities are adjusted to the needs and potential of the patient.

Another activity of the Culture Centre is the organisation of leisure in two beautifully situated mountain shelters: "Pod Durbaszką" in Jaworki and in Chochołów. These are the locations where the Club's "Wertikal" Skiing Club runs its training and camps. Local sports activities are held in the Club's own hall and gym.

Among similar structures, there is the "Alf" Biking Club whose members improve their fitness all year round, visiting the swimming pool, gym, and the sports hall. Open-air cycling events are organised throughout the cycling season; these include rallies, excursions, and biking camps in Poland and abroad.

In its seat, at 18 Reymonta Street, the Youth Culture Centre conducts standard educational activities (i.e. courses and workshops) in organised group divided according to the participants age. Apart from the visual arts workshop and activities for the little ones organised as "Chatka Pięciolatka" (Hut in the Five-Year-Olds' Corner) and "Chatka Sześciolatka" (Hut in the Six-Year-Olds' Corner,) the modelling workshop teems with life and work. Building flying models, the participants of the workshop develop their manual skills and technical knowledge, often winning the first prizes in aircraft and balloon modelling competitions. The doors of the computer room are open even to the little ones. Its youngest users are no more than five and a half years of age. There is also the language workshop, offering annually language training in England, Scotland or Ireland.

A number of children's artistic groups and ensembles are active in the centre; among them, there are: Bąbelki (Bubbles) Kindergarten Ensemble, Dzieci Krakowa (Children of Krakow) Dance Theatre, "Baja" Little Forms' Theatre, and "Katarynka" (Barrel Organ) Theatre of Song. This is where the children learn the discipline of group work, develop general fitness and agility, improve their skills in stage movement, dance, and proper vocal emission. The Dzieci Krakowa Dance Theatre was awarded the Silver Fir of the 1999 National Review in Kielce.

Winter and summer holidays is the time when the Centre organises long-term camps in Poland and abroad.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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