Jama Michalika

ul. Floriańska 45, 31-019 Kraków

The Jama Michalika (or Michalik's cave) is one of the most famous Polish cafés and prides itself on over 100 years of tradition. Its Art Nouveau interiors decorated and embellished by celebrated artist of Polish Modernism were the cradle of the cabaret Zielony Balonik (the Green Balloon).

Jama Michalika was once a popular haunt of artists such as Wyspiański, Frycz, Boy-Żeleński, Tetmajer and Axentowicz, as well as politicians and professors from the Jagiellonian University and Academy of Fine Arts. Although 100 years of turbulent history have passed, this tacit tradition has been kept up by contemporary artists.

Jama Michalika is visited by Dymna, Trela, Budzisz-Krzyżanowska, Olbrychski, Linda, Młynarski and lots of famous writers, poets, painters and academics.

The café is famous for its culinary products. The house specials are cakes: Michalik-Mariacki, Wawel, Barbakan, Sernik Krakowski, or the chef's special ice cream and pastries baked in the café's kitchen according to its own tried and tested recipes. A variety of delicious freshly roasted coffees are served. Particularly tempting is the selection of drinks: Jama Michalika, Polonus, Nadzieja. Chef's recommendation: żur (Polish sour soup) with sausage, pirogis, borsch with croquets, roast turkey, wild mushroom cream and pork chop Polish style.

The café's cosy atmosphere and dim interior illuminated by stained-glass windows impart a unique climate and make the place an ideal setting for cultural events: concerts, cabaret shows, poetry nights and authors' meetings with readers.

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News author: Karol Róg
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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