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ul. Paulińska 28, Kraków
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The Kraków BARAKAH Theatre, active under the aegis of the Ten Talents Foundation in aid of The BARAKAH Theatre, was established in 2004 by two theatre artists in the Craigian sense of the word: Ana Nowicka and Monika Kufel.

Graduates of the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts, the actresses were united by their first common project entitled The Closet. The performance itself established the rules of the future cooperation of the duo: Ana was to be responsible for directing a monodrama performed by Monika and based on Monika’s own idea and script (co-authored by Marcin Biały). The result was an extremely moving performance, appreciated by numerous festivals. The Closet shows a new view of the issue of Shoah, seen through the eyes of a terrified girl. The monodrama left no viewer unresponsive. To be sure – none of them would ever look at a closet the same way again. It can be a shelter, but also a trap, a carriage, a crematory, and a storage place for the holiest words and the deepest secrets.

The following performances: Cin, Klinika dobrej śmierci ("good death clinic"), Damska toaleta ("woman's toilet") are still thought of as taboo and controversial, challenging commonly accepted postulates. This is why Klinika dobrej śmierci asks a bold question about euthanasia, the right to decide about one's own life. Damska toaleta, on the other hand, is an Almodovaresque play that presents and destroys a catalogue of feminine peculiarities.

However, BARAKAH is not a socially involved theatre and it does not use stage as a means of propaganda. It rather raises topics which surround us, filters reality and tries to tame it or destroy the accepted patterns, and it does it without clever-clever pompousness.


Translation: Summa Linguae

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News author: Karol Róg
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