General Emil Fieldorf Nil Museum of Home Army

ul. Wita Stwosza 12, 31-511 Kraków


The permanent exhibition of the Home Army Museum presents the history of the Polish Underground State and its armed forces.

It contains hundreds of photographs and memorabilia. Visitors may touch a replica of a fuselage of a British bomber Halifax, which dropped reinforcements for the Home Army soldiers, and see a copy of the V-2 rocket, whose examination was one of the greatest achievements of the Home Army intelligence. There are also weapons made by the Home Army themselves, a reconstruction of a bunker and numerous audiovisual materials.

Don't forget to visit Mała AKademia, where children and young people have a chance to attend workshops on modern knights, Cichociemni, and animals that used to help soldiers. You can listen to open lectures, meet with veterans and see reenactments of historic events, practice sharpshooting at an audiovisual shooting range or watch documentaries. Home Army museum can truly become your second home.

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Date: 2013-07-15 Show ticket
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