House of Jan Tyranowski

ul. Różana 11, Kraków


It is an important site that shaped the personality and spirituality of young Karol Wojtyła.

It was in this house that the members of the Living Rosary gathered, joined by the future pope between 1940 and 1944. This is where he met Jan Tyranowski, who exerted a great influence on the then student of the Polish language.

Tyranowski, who was a trained official, although he chose to work as a tailor, was a man of great faith, who devoted his life to spreading the word of God after experiencing religious revival, by gathering a group of youth around his person. He was beatified by John Paul II in 2000.

The remains of Jan Tyranowski are buried in the Church of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Dębniki district.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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