Bishop's Palace

ul. Franciszkańska 3, Kraków


Karol Wojtyła moved to the Bishop's Palace on the 10th August 1944 as an underground student of the clandestine Kraków Archdiocese Seminary; here, on the 1st November 1946, he received his ordination from Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha in his private chapel.

In 1958, father Wojtyła started serving here as a bishop and later on as the metropolitan bishop of Kraków until the 16th October 1978, when he was elected to be the pope. Pope John Paul II stayed in the palace during each of his papal trips to Kraków. Above the entrance to the building is the famous window, from which the Holy Father greeted young people who came to Kraków to meet him.

In May 1980, a statue of John Paul II was erected in the courtyard of the Palace, designed by Jole Sensi Croci. In the moment of the pope's death (and many weeks after), the square in front of the palace was filled with people who gathered here to pray for peace of his soul.

Next to the Kraków Metropolitan Curia (1 Franciszkańska Street), there is [...] a building of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, erogated in 1981 by John Paul II as the successor to the Faculty of Theology of the Jagiellonian University.

Translation: Summa Linguae

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